project peace is a year long transition program for German speaking young adults aged 18 – 25  about peace, sustainability and cultural innovation. We connect transition into adulthood with transition into a sustainable culture.


What we do

With the support of the facilitation team, inspiring workshop leaders, the eco-social farm Gemeinschaft Sulzbrunn(project location) and a network of worldwide volunteering placements the participants get the opportunity to both theoretically and practically involve themselves into the topics of peace, sustainability and dig deeper into cultural innovation.

Our aim is to create a both save and supportive container in which young adults can find space for personal development, future work and vocation, get a holistic picture about sustainability and community, ask and live their questions on how change is possible, challenge themselves by living in community and create their own (individual) LearningJourney. project peace connects inward, personal change processes with outward, cultural change. Participants are not required to have any in-depth background in peace work or ecology.

Participation & Co-Creation

project peace is a participatory program based on a set main structure in which the participants constantly co-create the content for their year as well as co-fund it. This has been our principle from the very beginning when a group of young adults and experienced youth workers first designed project peace in 2011. This is an ongoing challenging yet exciting process to support developing a sense of initiative and authentic responsibility for personal interests as well as group processes.


The basic structure is comprised of three main modules:

  • Community Building & Prep Time for LearningJourneys (Aug – Nov),
  • LearningJourneys and Volunteering in placements worldwide (Nov – May),
  • Integration & Project Phase (May – July), integrating the experience, designing and bringing to life a small group project in one of the fields mentioned

A short glimpse on the LearningJourneys:

Our participants have the priviledge to make precious experiences in innovative change projects abroad. We, too, are a program about ecology and sustainability on many levels. Time to take the challenge to be creative about our Carbon footprint and continue developing the potential that lies in the fact that we hold this program as a group experience and experiment with participation and co-creation! Here are our outlines:

– INTENTION refined work with the participant’s intentions for their LearningJourneys: what is it I really want to explore, what do I want to contribute to, what do I call into my life?

– CHALLENGE we set both an individual and a group challenge to make the individual and group journeys as socially, economically and ecologically sustainable as well as carbon sensitive as possible and take it as creative endeavour.

– POTENTIAL „the greater experience“: Just like in many rites of passage traditions the intricate interplay of the individual and the collective/group experience serves for the understanding and integration of the personal role in the social texture. As the participants set out on their LearningJourney as an individual connected with a group we get access to the potential of this metalevel: For example, how would it be to regard us as one learning system we are all part of even if separate from each other? How does my personal endeavour contribute to it? How do I benefit from it?

Contents in short:

Different communication tools like Non Violent Communication, The Way of Council, permaculture and sustainable agriculture, gender, peace philosophy, regional food systems, regional money models, German/ European and World Politics, Deep Ecology, Mindfulness and Zen Meditation, new ways for a conscious economy, rites of passage & the hero’s Journey, social sculpture, politics, arts and activism, Forum-Drama, various peace work approaches, Gestalt Therapy and many more…

Circles of Support

project peace is currently in its 3rd year. We all think that we’re creating something really meaningful and beautiful together and we know this is just possible because of the effort of our participants and team and the support of many people, organisations, foundations, networks and funding. To help running this project we set up a system of support, our “Circles of Support”. These circles maintain project peace and therefore are open for new members or one-time-donations of any kind year round. Here is our structure:

Cooperations as “shared Vision” of a sustainable society: Volunteering placements within organisations, projects, youth organisations, NGOs, Foundations, Intentional Communities, Sustainability and Peace Networks etc.

Funding Support: families/relatives of participants, governmental support/ European Union, companies, foundations, etc.

We are building a system of Scholarships funded by companies and private people to contribute to individual participants‘ fees – this is happening year round and we’re happy to receive support at any time.

Knowledge support: everyone coming in and holding workshops/sessions, everyone interested in contributing to the project phase, everyone interested in supporting the facilitation team in daily work.


If you, your organisation or your company are interested to contribute to our Circles of Support, or if you need more info on how to become a funding supporter please contact us at:

post (at)

+49. (0) 8851 9291982